My Neighbourhood

I had trouble getting to sleep last night. Some of the neighbours were having a party in the street. I noticed them preparing for it earlier. It sounded like they were having a great time but it was noisy and the tall person had to get up several times to calm me down. I must have drifted off eventually but this morning I was woken up by a kid and I don’t mean the little person. It was a bleating goat. Someone in the neighbourhood is probably celebrating a special occasion today or tomorrow and the goat will be on the menu.

I don’t think I’ve told you much about where I live. My house is in the hills on the outskirts of Tbilisi. There is a good view of the city from the balcony in the toy room. The neighbourhood is very much like a village and is close to a forest where shepherds graze goats and cows. A giant tortoise lives in the forest.

I like living here.


4 thoughts on “My Neighbourhood

  1. What a great point of observation, Bongo would love it. He is not into superfluous flurries of activity, if surveillance was sufficient. Are you allowed to have some figs? Bongo loves each kind of fruit, especially when already slightly fermenting. (At the moment, he is nibbling the fallen-down cherries.)

    • It is a good watch tower but I’m not allowed there very often because it’s the toy room balcony. Please tell Bongo that I love fruit too. I was eating cherries yesterday 🙂 Lovely!

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