Forensic Investigation

There is a tree in the hall. It has been there for as long as I can remember. I know the people in the house have plants in pots in the house but I thought it strange that they allow a tree to grow inside. It has crossed my mind several times to investigate but I’m always busy (or sleeping). Today, I decided to free up time in my schedule and carry out a thorough forensic investigation. This entailed sniffing it and then biting a piece off (just as they do in C.S.I.).

To my surprise, my bite and taste tests revealed that the ‘tree’ is not a tree! I’m not sure if pretending to be a tree  is a crime but it doesn’t seem right to me so I showed the tall person the piece I had bitten off. Surprisingly, he did not seem grateful that I had exposed the ‘tree’s’ real identity. He confiscated the ‘evidence’ and told me to leave the ‘tree’ thing alone. He is clearly not a seeker of the truth, like me.

2 thoughts on “Forensic Investigation

  1. I think your tall person should show better appreciation of your scientific investigation skills. My hu-mans don’t show proper enthusiasum when I do soil-testing of the soil in their cactus plants either. They just don’t understand how essential these things are…….

    Tail wags from Ruger

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