Do not disturb (please)

The little person wanted to play with me today but the tall person explained that I should not be disturbed on very hot days. He said to the little person that if he wanted to know how hot and uncomfortable I feel because of my thick fur he should put on four pairs of trousers, four winter vests, five thick jumpers, four pairs of socks, his warmest coat, a scarf and a hat. Good comparison but I would have also suggested adding a long wig!

Ahh, the lovely tall person has left the back door open tonight so that I can keep cool.

Goodnight friends. Sleep well. Thank you for all of the lovely messages you sent me today.

2 thoughts on “Do not disturb (please)

  1. I am so sorry you are so very hot. The thick fur is tricky. Miss Stella has a double fur coat and can get very hot, quickly. She loves to sleep on the small marble slab in front of the mantle, eats loads of ice, hogs the ac vents, and often will sit in front of a very small fan. With the high temps around here it gets to be tough staying cool. Hang in there. : )

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