The ‘Indian Room’

I feel a lot more comfortable AND lighter after the tall person brushed my coat. He said he could have made another puppy with the hair he brushed out. Ah, so that’s how puppies are made!

I have decided to sleep in the ‘Indian’ room tonight. The tall person told me that he intends to decorate this room with some of the things he brought back from India. Sounds good. At the moment it is used to store the ironing board and vacuum cleaner!

Sweet dreams friends.

6 thoughts on “The ‘Indian Room’

  1. Hi Bassa, My mumma says that about me – that she gets enough furs out of me to make a new dog. She also says that about the furs she vaccuums off the floor. But we don’t have hardly any furs on the floor now that my little sisiter has gone to Rainbow Bridge, so maybe I don’t drop so much furs after all.
    We liked reading your blog. 🙂

    Tail waggs from Ruger (this is my bloggie)

  2. exactly my thoughts, and Bongo doesn’t even have long hair – but he tries to catch the hair-balls and eat them, when I put them out of the brush and aside, to carry on; I think, that’s the way, he manages to produce new hair faster.

  3. Miss Stella sheds a great amount…usually enough to make a small animal or contributes well to the local birds and rabbit nests. Sadie is a shedder too. She seems to shed more so than Miss Stella (although some find this hard to believe!) We brush, brush, brush a lot around here. : )
    (It is also a great calming activity…brings on the ‘chill’ mode)

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