How Time Flies!

I am 8 months old and can’t believe how time flies. It only seems like yesterday that I was much smaller than the small person and had to be carried down steps. Now look at me!

Look out tall person soon I will be taller than you and you will be called ‘less tall person’.

5 thoughts on “How Time Flies!

    • Yes, it is amazing. I’m not sure how big she will get but her father is absolutely huge and probably weighs nearly 90 kilos. Being female she won’t get as large but will still be very big and probably around 75 kilos. At the moment we certainly notice it if she sits on us!

  1. for sure still a puppy inside 🙂 even Bongo, not as big, but adult, 2 yrs. old and about 35 kgs of weight / 72 cms shoulder height, tries to take seat in each persons lap, sitting cross-legged on the floor, and he looks very disappointed about mot of him was outside of that nest, in which he was once was snuggling down.

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