Bassa’s Begging Tips For Dogs

I hope you enjoyed my gardening tips for dogs and are now creating the garden of your dreams. In this post I want to share some tips about begging. I know what you are thinking – Bassa is only 8 months old what can she know? Well, 8 months is about 240 days and that seems like a lifetime of experience to me.

I want to start by re-defining begging. There is no such thing as begging. I call it sharing. However, we all know that the people in our homes do not always want to share what they have so we have to regularly remind them of the importance of sharing. It is our moral duty. If we don’t encourage sharing then the people in our homes, especially the small ones, might eat too much and become too big to play with us. So, sharing is a win-win situation but must be handled very carefully if you want to be successful.

The most important thing to remember is to always maintain your dignity. We are proud animals. We should never humble ourselves for a scrap of food (however tasty). These are my top 6 tips for becoming a successful sharer:

1. Try not to be in the kitchen when food is being cooked. The delicious smells will torment you and your dribbling will bother the cooking person. Keep your distance.

2. When the people in the house sit down to eat do not immediately jump at them in a frenzied attempt to get at the food. Maintain a respectable distance and sit quietly. This is tough but your dignified composure will impress them and encourage them to share. Try not to dribble! (I’m still trying to master that)

3. Try to maintain an air of indifference for as long as you can. This will frustrate the people who are eating and make them re-double their efforts to tempt you with some tasty treat.

4. Take food gently – it’s counter productive to eat someone’s hand. You are likely to be immediately expelled.

5. Savour the food. I know we all like to gulp it down quickly so we can make room for more but it’s better to fully experience the flavours and textures – we also won’t look like pigs!

6. Remember to say thank you. This is important. Don’t run off as soon as the food has gone. Stay and keep the people company. Entertain them. Make them laugh. By doing this you will find that you will become a regular and sought after dinner guest.

Good luck in all of your sharing efforts. Let me know how you get on.

The Longest Tongue

No water supply today. It’s been happening a lot recently. Anyway, the tall person said I would have to do my bit during this emergency. I thought he meant I would have to drink less but he said as I have the longest tongue I would be responsible for washing the dishes.

The things I do for this family!

You will see from the look of concentration on my face that I took my responsibilities very seriously.

P.S. I have a very tired tongue!

My Tall Person

This is another picture of me and the tall person. I like him a lot. He is always there to calm me down when I get too excited. He cheers me up when I’m feeling blue. He plays with me and tickles my tummy. He sits with me when I am enjoying the rain. He comes to me in the night if I hear a sound and can’t stop barking and waits until I go to sleep again. He always fills up my water bowl and gives me treats. He calls me ‘slobber monster’ but doesn’t mind too much when I dribble on him. He is patient and kind. He is…………… tall person.

The Nibbling Toes Incident

The tall person has just ‘interviewed’ me about a toe nibbling incident that he said occurred early this morning. Of course I had my alibi prepared and said I been asleep on my bed all night. I suggested that he had been dreaming but he did not seem convinced. I asked if he had any evidence and he said that one of his socks was missing, which suggests that I was in the bedroom. I told him that was circumstantial evidence and did not place me at the scene of the alleged ‘crime’. He thought about it for a few moments and told me that he would give me the benefit of the doubt this time. I’m not sure what that means but I think I’m off the hook.

Between you and me, I did go in the bedroom. It was a hot night and the door was open. He was asleep and his feet were uncovered and I could not resist nibbling his toes. Great fun!

P.S. I must hide the sock!