Bassa’s Gardening Tips For Dogs

I had a chat with one of my friends, Annie, yesterday. She lives with Lynlee in America. We talked about our gardens, which was nice, so I thought I would share some of my gardening tips with you.

Firstly, remove (by digging and chewing) any bushes, small trees and flowers. They take up valuable space, get in the way when you are running around, and really serve no purpose at all. Remember to leave at least one tree for shade or you won’t be able to lie down and snooze on hot, sunny days.

This first stage will take some time because the people you live with will try to stop you so I suggest short sessions when they are inside the house. Don’t try and do everything at once – it is hot work – so pace yourself.

Once you have cleared the garden take some time to think about your needs. A bathroom area is obviously a necessity. Remember, you won’t want to go far when it is raining or cold.

We all like to bury things so an area for digging holes is a good idea. A word of warning about holes – people don’t like them and will quickly fill them in. To avoid frustration, don’t become attached to a particular hole or leave anything in it (e.g. a bone) for too long – remember, all holes are temporary.

Finally, make sure you have enough space to play – if there are too many bushes, small trees and flowers don’t hesitate to remove them!

Once you have done all of the hard work, sit back and enjoy your garden. It’s worth the effort!

Before and after pictures of part of my garden (other parts are under de-construction)

I Love Crusty Bread!

Good morning friends. I am waiting for the tall person to finish his yoghurt and give me the pot. He has given me some crusty bread to distract me while he eats. He does this because I usually sit watching him and dribbling while I wait – I can’t help it but he says that sitting next to a waterfall of drool is a little off putting early in the morning.

I don’t mind – I love crusty bread!