I Was Relaxing On The Veranda When………

Oh dear, I have just scared the life out of two men who came into the yard. It was completely unintentional. I was relaxing on the veranda, enjoying the late afternoon sunshire, when I heard the yard door open. Thinking it was the little person I jumped up excitedly and barked my greeting. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my little person. The two men saw me standing above them on the veranda, barking excitedly, and ran out of the yard so fast that I thought they would fall over each other. I thought they wanted to play so I barked some more but they stayed on the other side of the yard door. Anyway, the tall person came out of the house and talked to them but they wouldn’t come in. It’s strange. It seems that only little people like to play.

P.S. I thought the men were very good runners for their age.

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