Goodnight Friends

It is a lovely cool evening here in Tbilisi, Georgia and I can’t make up my mind whether to sleep inside or outside.

I know, I will sleep half inside and half outside tonight.

Goodnight friends. I hope you had a lovely day today – I did!

My Executive Personal Assistant

Today I posted a picture of me and the little person and I thought it only fair to reveal the tall person who lives with me. He is my executive personal assistant and works with me on producing Bassas Blog – it’s really an honorary title – I do all the work but a fancy job title keeps him happy!

Tread Carefully

The tall person has finished cleaning the floors and collapsed into a chair! He insisted that I post a picture of the results of his efforts. I pointed out that cleaning the floors is not dog related and he said (and I quote) “it is ENTIRELY dog related”. It is obviously a touchy subject so on this occasion I will agree to his request. In the meantime I shall tread carefully.