I Told You He Couldn’t Resist!

They ate the pizza in the toy room and I was allowed in to eat my slice. This was a rare privilege. The little person never allows me to go into the toy room – he says I will chew his toys, which is probably true but it’s so unfair – he has so many more than me.

P.S. The pizza was lovely!!

Slobber Monster

It was hot last night so I slept in the bathroom. I like it there because it is quiet and has a lovely cool floor.

I woke early and carried out my usual wake up routine – a good full body stretch, a very satisfying scratch, a long drink of cold water and a good head shake. Unfortunately, my invigorating shake splattered a generous dollop of drool all over the bathroom door handle and you can probably guess what happened next. Yes, the tall person touched it when he opened the bathroom door. He actually yelped, which surprised me. I really don’t know what the fuss is about – it’s only drool. Anyway, he called me a ‘slobber’ monster and banished me to the garden.