I Thought Its Head Had Fallen Off!

This morning we went for a walk in the forest near my house. I love the forest. It is such an interesting place – there is so much to smell and discover. Today I found cows and goats and giant ants and grasshoppers and butterflies and something I had never see before……

The creature was similar to the one I found on the balcony a few days ago but this one wasn’t empty and it had legs and it moved when I sniffed it. The tall person was very pleased and picked it up and let me look at it but when I got near it its head disappeared! Amazing. I thought its head had fallen off but after a few moments it appeared again. Very clever. The tall person said that it is a tortoise and is probably very old and we should not disturb it so we put it back on the ground and watched it disappear into the bushes.

It rained on the way home and we got wet.

7 thoughts on “I Thought Its Head Had Fallen Off!

  1. How exciting to find a turtle, Bassa! About a year ago, I found one sitting in the middle of a busy road, so I stopped my car, got out and moved him to a safe place. Now, I have two big turtles living in the pond behind my house – but these turtles bite! – so I have to be very careful to keep my dogs away from them.

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