What Shall I Do Next?

I’ve had a very busy morning. I woke up early and did my usual inspection of each room. The people in the house usually forget to put every interesting thing out of my reach. Today was no exception. I found a lovely book to chew!! Unfortunately, my ‘breakfast’ was interrupted by the tall person. I think I was chewing too noisily. The tall person was not happy with my choice of breakfast and confiscated the tasty book. I must remember to chew more quietly in future.

The small person is away at the moment so I have no one to torment. I prefer to play with him because he is much smaller that the other people in the house. I think he is a puppy because he likes to play with toys and runs around a lot, like me.  He also makes a lot of noise, like me.

I’m having a break at the moment. The tall person is watching me very closely following this morning’s book incident but I know where he has put the book and it is only a matter of time before it is mine again. Patience is a virtue.

What to do next? Chase the birds in the garden? Chew the tree? Dig a hole? Take a nap? Bark at the neighbours? Hmmmm………I think I will just sit here and look magnificent!

I like chewing everything

I like chewing bones. In fact, I like chewing everything – books, toys (especially cars), pens, brushes, memory sticks, slippers……my menu is endless!!! I discovered I can crack walnuts with my teeth. I don’t eat the nuts – I just love the sound they make when I crunch them.

I like finding new things to chew. New things are usually very easy to find. The people in the house are not very good at hiding things and I am so much bigger now that I can reach almost anything.

The people in the house say that I have eaten the garden – I must confess it looks very different now and I do admit  I am a bit of an amateur gardner. I do dig a lot of holes (which the people in the house keep filling in) but did I really eat all of the bushes and trees and vine? I think I did.