I like chewing everything

I like chewing bones. In fact, I like chewing everything – books, toys (especially cars), pens, brushes, memory sticks, slippers……my menu is endless!!! I discovered I can crack walnuts with my teeth. I don’t eat the nuts – I just love the sound they make when I crunch them.

I like finding new things to chew. New things are usually very easy to find. The people in the house are not very good at hiding things and I am so much bigger now that I can reach almost anything.

The people in the house say that I have eaten the garden – I must confess it looks very different now and I do admit  I am a bit of an amateur gardner. I do dig a lot of holes (which the people in the house keep filling in) but did I really eat all of the bushes and trees and vine? I think I did.


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